Our Story

Union Studios is a series of modern jewellery classics made by hand in Sydney, Australia. Using sustainably created diamonds and local master artisans, we’re accelerating the shift to more conscious industry practices.
In a sea of fast trends and waste, we’re challenging traditional conventions to create a simple offering based on sustainability, quality and transparency. Handmade to order, we interpret and translate personal stories into the jewellery we make, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the people behind it.

Our Philosophy

Our jewellery-making practice is guided by a set of values, from which we do not waver.
Our simple and essential designs uncomplicate a material world. Providing a deeper and more connected shopping experience, we take the confusion out of buying an engagement ring by offering a simple, staple range of modular elements which can be combined to suit you. Our short run of products reinforces our slow design ethos, encouraging people to think for a lifetime and create a timeless design to take on that journey.
In both our diamonds and our business practice, we focus on bringing objects of meaning into the world that add value and support positive change. We create consciously using diamonds sustainably grown above ground, avoiding the vast human and environmental toll of mined alternatives. With sustainability as our north star, we’re here to educate people on the environmental and quality benefits of lab-grown diamonds.
In a diverse world, as we proudly become more uniquely ourselves, shouldn’t the jewellery we give and receive reflect this? Union Studios uses creative thinking to reimagine and support new traditions, celebrating individuality, embracing diversity and bringing people closer together. Our design process is as open and inclusive as the love it represents, for everyone, forever.
We’re leading the long-term industry change we want to see. We work with transparent and responsible partners to promote fair working conditions in our supply chain, detail the provenance of our supply, and report our social and environmental results. Our lab grown diamonds are certified by esteemed laboratories that highlight the manufacturing process of each diamond, so you know exactly what you’re buying, and how materials are being produced.

Our Approach

At Union Studios, we want you to feel connected to the design process, so you understand the nature of your investment and feel confident in your choices. Our five steps help decipher and translate your personal story into a unique piece of jewellery that speaks to you.
We get to the heart of your story to create something personal, purposeful and beautiful. Our balanced and guided approach communicates everything you need to know, to dissolve misinformation and help you focus on what truly matters.
Design comes to life in the details, whether it’s a diamond set band or complementing shoulder stones. We will share first draft concepts to help you visualise the design of your piece.
Together, we will narrow down concepts, explore specific stone options and decide on metal finishes. Once you have made your selection, we will provide a detailed quote to confirm the design of your piece.
Our independent Sydney master jewellers are highly regarded for their extensive experience and craftmanship. Using quality local materials, each piece is made to order with the utmost care and attention to ensure the highest quality outcomes.
When your piece is ready, we will contact you to arrange secure delivery. Our service doesn’t end with the finished piece, we offer a range of aftercare services to accompany you through life’s moments that matter.

Our Services

From a blank canvas to a fully-fledged idea, our collections offer a starting point for everyone.
Our Collection
A refined collection that embraces simple design. Each piece has a classic aesthetic, made to age gracefully and last for generations. This essential jewellery ensemble can be effortlessly layered to suit your own individual style and, with each piece made to order, we encourage customisation to truly personalise your piece to your story and lifestyle.
We believe that a collaborative design process captures the essence of both the giver and receiver. By working with our clients, forming relationships and understanding their lifestyles, we can respond with a deeply personal piece that’s original and meaningful. To create your unique visions, we follow a set of fundamental design principles, which you can find here.
Enquire about custom
In our commitment to sustainability and following a more conscious path, we offer repurposing services of worn jewellery and recycling old stones. To enquire about our repurposing service, please email contact@madebyunionstudios.com.

Book a Design Meeting

Meet online with our design consultants from wherever you feel comfortable discussing your special piece. We will guide you through our different options and designs, answer all your questions, and offer general help and assistance.

Custom Enquiry

Our custom process allows you to create a unique piece of jewellery, handcrafted by our artisans and imagined by you. Whether it’s an original design or remodelling your existing personal treasures, Union Studios will work with you to interpret and translate personal stories into your jewellery, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the people behind it.  

For more custom pieces visit our instagram at @madebyunionstudios

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